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The Art of Outrage

February 16, 2009

A while ago, for a graduate seminar, I had to read this article, apparently a classic on the history of emotions, entitled “Worrying about Emotions in History”.

History of Emotions is sort of a pseudo field in the academic study of history. As are, say, History of Sexuality, History of Childhood (referring to the idea of childhood), and so on.

Although I don’t read much academic writing these days, I was forwarded these rather excellent articles yesterday and after having gone through most of them, thought I’d share. Do check them. Quite of a lot of them are very good and insightful. They are on a special issue of the journal SAMAJ.

Articles picked out below for  your convenience.


Amélie Blom et Nicolas Jaoul

Introduction: The Moral and Affectual Dimension of Collective Action in South Asia [Texte intégral]

Thomas Blom Hansen
The Political Theology of Violence in Contemporary India [Texte intégral]
Nicolas Jaoul
The ‘Righteous Anger’ of the Powerless
Investigating Dalit Outrage over Caste Violence
[Texte intégral]
Amélie Blom
The 2006 Anti-‘Danish Cartoons’ Riot in Lahore: Outrage and the Emotional Landscape of Pakistani Politics [Texte intégral]
Nosheen Ali
Outrageous State, Sectarianized Citizens:
Deconstructing the ‘Textbook Controversy’ in the Northern Areas, Pakistan
[Texte intégral]
Ali Riaz
Constructing Outraged Communities and State Responses:
The Taslima Nasreen Saga in 1994 and 2007
[Texte intégral]
Pierre Centlivres
The Controversy over the Buddhas of Bamiyan [Texte intégral]
Lionel Baixas et Charlène Simon
From Protesters to Martyrs: How to Become a ‘True’ Sikh [Texte intégral]
Christophe Jaffrelot
Hindu Nationalism and the (Not So Easy) Art of Being Outraged: The Ram Setu Controversy [Texte intégral]
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  1. Gautam permalink
    February 17, 2009 6:27 pm

    I liked Jaffrelot’s piece. Thanks for sharing the articles.

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